Roulette is an icon of gambling and the queen of games around the world. To this day, entering the casino, we can hear the sound of a throwing ball, which then falls into a certain field of the spinning wheel, giving joy to the winners and squeezing the last tears and money from the wallets of casino roulette

Roulette History

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games. Its first version was created in 1645. It was just roulette. Two types of roulette should be mentioned here - the European and American systems. The American version was invented in the 19th century (after additional 1842 was added to roulette in 0 and the system was called European roulette).

How is the European version different from the American version? In American roulette, players and the casino have one more field at their disposal - the 00 field has been added. This is associated with many bonuses and rules, thanks to which we can increase the win or increase the defeat. Roulette specialists, however, say that the American version is much more difficult and was created only to secure kasyno before the spectacular wins of the players. Probability of winning with an additional field and rules American Roulette is much smaller than with the European system - hence skillful players who count only on big money lean towards European roulette (which, by the way, in 1842 also was created to protect gambling houses, i.e. casinos, from winning).

What does the game look like?
The players are standing at a big table with numbers and a big wheel. When the accepted bets remain (the bet is accepted by the dealer, who is also responsible for putting the wheel in motion), the dealer begins to work. First, the wheel spins to let a small ball enter it after a while. The ball rotates in the opposite direction to the wheel, and then, along with the releasing turnstile, falls into one of many fields. The fields represent numbers and colors. The player can bet number ranges, exact number (very risky) or color. It is the colors that are most often chosen by players - after all, we have the ratio 50: 50. The only deviation is the draw 0, when the pot is saved by the casino until the next round.

Roulette tricks
There are many roulette game systems. The most popular orders to invest small sums and systematic doubling of the bet, betting on only one color. Other strategies require you to bet only on a specific number range. This works, but requires the player to coordinate the game constantly. One mistake is enough to lose a substantial sum.