How does a live casino work?

The Live Casino puts you right in the center of the action without leaving your home! For some people, the digital version of online casino games is the only way to play online. However, if you want a real casino experience, live casino games are the next best thing. However, for many novice players, it may not be clear how live casinos work. Jump on board with us for a live dealer experience!

What is a live casino?

Live dealer casino games or live dealer games are typical casino games which are run by dealers via live streams. They can be played at online casinos without physically visiting the casino. It is an alternative for those who want to feel the atmosphere of a live casino without leaving home.

What games are available in the live casino section?

Live casino games are used by many providers who have different setups and backgrounds. However, the games they offer are often the same. This is because live casinos follow the same rules of play as a real casino. Examples of live casino games include regular casino table games.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack follows the same Blackjack rules as playing online and in a real casino. However, unlike the online version, the game has minimum stakes similar to those of real casinos. The goal of the game is still to get as close to 21 points as possible. To win, you need to be closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding it. On live tables, the minimum bet is usually much higher than on digital tables. Live casino blackjack often has many variations of the game. Whether it's European Blackjack or American Blackjack, you'll find every version of the game at the live dealer you want.

Live roulette

When it comes to roulette, you can always have fun. This fun is limited in online roulette because realism just doesn't exist and people are always unsure of how fair digital games are. Live games give a more realistic and fair look which means you have a lot more enjoyable experiences. Roulette live follows the rules of roulette in the same way. As with blackjack, there are many variations of this game.

Casino Hold'em Playing with a live dealer

Casino Hold'em is one of the more original games. An ante bet is made to play a hand before the dealer has dealt 2 cards to himself. The player then has the option to place a side bet. The next step is to fold, i.e. lose the ante bet, or make a call bet that doubles the total stake (not including the side bet) on the table.

If checked, croupier he deals 2 more cards to the table, and then it's time to show your hand. The dealer's hand must qualify to play the full range of bets. To qualify, the dealer must have a pair of 4 or better.

If the dealer's hand qualifies, then the player compares his hand to the dealer's hand and does not compare to other players at the table. If the player has the better hand then he wins the call bet on a 1 to 1 ratio in addition to Ante-Win. For example, if you win a call bet of $ 2.00, you will receive another $ 2.00. Be sure to check the live Ante-Win Casino Hold 'em table of your choice before playing. While they are primarily uniform, there is some variation among the live dealer games providers.