By law, gambling is all types of lotteries, games and totalizers that randomly generate winnings for players. In many cases, winning is identified with luck. However, there are gambling games that we can successfully assign to the group of those in whom strategy matters.gambling

In Poland, gambling is regulated by the 19 Act of November 2009. Then it was a resolution called Dz. 2009.201.1540 has regulated gambling as games of chance, bookmakers' and lotteries, and totalizers. In Poland, unfortunately, gambling is illegal - as in many other countries. However, casinos have many restrictions - in a city where fewer than 200 thousands of inhabitants live, only 1 casino can operate legally.

So how do online casinos work?

Their founders apply for permits in countries where the law and the ban on gambling have not entered into force. The most popular is Malta - this is where casinos such as Betsson, Betsafe, CasinoEuro and many others were founded.

Malta's jurisdiction allows gambling to be carried out without imposing huge tax chains on casino developers (it is also possible to set up a casino in the US, but the costs of obtaining a permit are too high for entrepreneurs to face American law).

Types of gambling
Let's return to the division of gambling, i.e. entertainment that allows you to quickly win (or lose) serious sums of money. The division depends on the type of gameplay and the rules of the game.

The most popular are:
- Card games - for example poker
- Roulette - European and American version
- One-armed bandit - the most popular are Sizzling Hot Deluxe and Book of Ra
- Bingo
- Scratch cards
- Totalizators and number games - by selecting numbers and drawing the winning combination

Gambling innovations However, casinos go a step further by changing slightly traditional gambling and matching them to modern versions. Admittedly, innovations in poker, roulette or Black Jack are rare - slot games are most often changed. Don't be surprised by games based on Jurassic Park movies or the South Park TV series. Gambling developers are trying to reach the tastes of each player.

The introduction of online casinos was just progress. Until two decades ago, no one thought that poker or roulette could be played using a computer (not to mention cell phones or tablets). Today it is everyday life that creates huge competition for land-based casinos from Las Vegas and other parts of the world.